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January 2015

This site has been mothballed.  It is doubtful that anything will change here from this point on.  The broken links to the other websites will be restored as time permits.

January 2011

staticwhitesound has ceased stopped operation as a retail business.  If anyone is interested in making an offer on our unsold merchandise, please make contact.  

January 2006

Helios Creed's latest album has just had the finishing touches done at staticwhitesound.  Look for Deep Blue Love Vacuum out on Noiseville Records in March. 

October 2005

Daniel Ash has released a live album partially recorded by staticwhitesound.  Entitled Come Alive, it is available through cdfuse.com.  For more information visit www.danielash.org.

October 2004

Helios Creed's track Crusin' the K appears on the Magnet New Music Sampler Volume 35.

September 2003

Helios Creed's latest album On the Dark Side of the Sun is available now via direct mail order from staticwhitesound.  Distribution through AEC/One Stop will begin in late October. 

August 2003

staticwhitesound has been spending the summer preparing Helios Creed's new album "On the Dark Side of the Sun".  It will be released in late August.  Visit Helios-Creed.com for the latest. 

May 2003

David J has released a very limited edition live album.  It was recorded earlier this year by staticwhitesound over two nights in San Francisco.  Get it at DavidJonline.com  

November 2002

staticwhitesound is currently the sole US distributor for Dossier Records of Germany.  Dossier has been the primary label for Chrome over the last 15 years, and has also released the majority of Helios Creed's material recently.

7 October 2001

Kristin Hersh has just released a live performance recorded by staticwhitesound.   The  2 CD set contains Kristin's entire 90 minute performance at San Francisco's Noe Valley Ministries on April 17, 1998.  Initially to be sold only on her current tour, the 2CD set will soon be available for mail-order through 4AD records. 

3 March 2001

staticwhitesound announces our first record release, Helios Creed: On Tour 1999 .  For more information visit staticwhitesound's Helios Creed site.



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