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The Chronicles
Read Only Memory
Gehenna to Canaan
The Need
We Are Connected
Nova Feedback

Read Only Memory

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All original Chrome releases are listed here in chronological order.  Details and re-release information can be found by clicking the album name.  Records are full length albums unless otherwise noted.  For a Helios creed discography, go to  Someday I will put together a discography of the Solo Damon Edge material.


Original Period
With the exception of The Visitation, all of these records feature Damon Edge and Helios Creed creating the original sound that can only be known as Chrome.  Accept no substitutes.
The Visitation 1976
Ultra Soundtrack 1976(?) 7" reel
Alien Soundtracks 1978
Half Machine Lip Moves 1979
Subterranean Modern 1979 Various Artists
Read Only Memory 1979 Mini Album
New Age 1980 7" Single
Red Exposure 1980
Inworlds 1981 12" Single
Blood on the Moon 1981
Firebomb 1982 7" Single
3rd from the Sun 1982
Anorexic Sacrifice 1982 7" Single
No Humans Allowed 1982  
Chrome Box 1982 6 Album Set
The Chronicles I 1982
The Chronicles II 1982
Raining Milk 1983
Chrome /  Bauhaus: Live in London 1984 Various Artist VHS
Chromosome Damage 1986 Bootleg Album
Damon Period
Produced by Damon Edge in Europe, these records features all new musicians and signify a departure from the previous Chrome sound.
Into the Eyes of the Zombie King 1984
The Lyon Concert 1985
Another World 1985
Eternity 1986
Dossiers 1986
Dreaming in Sequence 1987
Live in Germany 1989
Alien Soundtracks II 1989
Liquid Forest 1990
The Clairaudient Syndrome 1994
One Million Eyes   1991
Mission of the Entranced   [?]
Helios Period
After Damon's  death, Helios Creed reforms Chrome with previous and new members.
Third Seed From the Bud 1996 10" Single
Torque Pound 1997 7" Split Single
Retro Transmission 1997
Tidal Forces 1998
Chrome Flashback / Chrome Live 1999 2 CD Set
Ghost Machine 2002
Posthumous Period
Damon lives!  Tapes from the vault allow Damon and
Angel of the Clouds 2002
Dossiers II 1989 Various Artists
Terror 1993 Various Artists
Having a Wonderful Time with the Tripods 1995
Having a Wonderful Time in the Juice Drome 1995
Industrial Revolution 1996 Various Artists
Letters to Aliens - M Class West 1997 Various Artists
Schizoid Dimension 1997 Various Artists
Archives of Space 1997 Various Artists
A Tribute...Brian Eno 1997 Various Artists
Area 51 1998 Various Artists
Ultimate Space Rock 1999 Various Artists
Acid Space 1999 Various Artists
Other Side of Pink Floyd 1999 Various Artists
Gothic Industrial DVD 2000 Various Artists
Chrome and Friends 2000 Various Artists
Dual Forces: Chrome & Helios Creed 2006 DVD
Fly on UFO 12" 1979 (This is a different band Chrome)